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School Transfers

American Limo has been providing reliable and cost-effective transportation for school children. Many school districts use limo rides for children with special needs, who are unable to ride regular school buses for various reasons. We work with each school district to meet their individual needs.

* Traveling fees may be applicable.

Hourly rates may vary during special events, holidays & peak periods. Hourly prices as quoted above are subject to an additional 15-20% gratuity, tolls and parking.


* specially trained drivers, certified annually by the State
* drivers with complete criminal background checks and annual physical/drug testing
* two-way radios in each limo for quality assurance
* internet ride schedules
* a fleet of dedicated school program drivers
* vehicles that must comply with ordinances where they are licensed
* clean, comfortable limos with courteous, understanding drivers
* competitive rates
* limo's available for school rides Monday - Friday, 6AM - 9PM
* office staff Monday - Friday, 6AM - 6PM